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Our services include script development, location scouting, casting, contracts, permits and assembling high quality crews who all speak fluent English. We offer tech teams, catering teams, location managers, DiT and of course directors, DP’s and production designers. Based on our experience we have access to a wide range of talent and can provide head-shots and video auditions quickly to order. 

Our understanding of the logistics of filming in Estonia means we can advise on shooting multiple locations in a day. For example, it is possible with careful planning to shoot in a pristine Nordic forest, followed by a Hanseatic old-town exterior and end up with a long ‘magic hour’ in a fishing village in the course of a single day.

2281_Tram in Kalamaja_Rasmus


Since the the nineties, Estonia has witnessed an influx of new and modern construction both in the capital Tallinn and other towns in the country. A lot of effort has been placed in the development of not only separate houses but whole neighborhoods of new districts designated for finance, tech companies, and also traffic under- and overpasses. Some districts that remain from the soviet occupation era have been reformed and renovated to be creative and hip spaces for new business. All of this is concentrated in distances that are easily accesible and the drive in the capital from one location to another is literally a matter of minutes. 

1854_Tartu at night_Sixten Sepp.jpg
2270_Maakri Quarter business complex_Ras
1195_Tallinn City Centre_Kaupo Kalda.jpg


50% of Estonia is covered by forest, out of which 30% are nature reserves. The drive from one side of the country to another is 3,5 hours at maximum and the road is filled with a variety of different landscapes. This means that we can plan a shoot in pristine but accesible forests, marshlands, seaside and lakes and make it back to the comfort of a city hotel in one day. If we want to. The nature is a good place to be in. If planned well and taking weather conditions into account, our summers offer almoust 15 hours of sunlight. Our autumns are short but coloful. Our winter offers snowy landscapes, untouched forests and low sun throughout the day. Low sun means lenghty shoots of magic hour in one well planned day.

56_Road_Johann Kööp.jpg
597_Morning Bog_Sven Zacek.jpg
72_Landscape_Kaupo Kalda.jpg
296_Forest Sunrise_Sven Zacek.jpg


The main attraction of this topic is defenetly the capital Tallinn. It is the best preserved 800 year old hanseatic capital in the world, and it doesn’t stop here. Short drives in any direction from the capital will soon switch to old manor-houses, windmills, well preserved and renovated villages, country side chappels and ancient castles. All the permits and contracts needed to do our job in these places are easy to aquire and film crews are generally welcome.

2299_Tartu Town Hall_Riina Varol.jpg
2445_Christmas market in Tallinn Old tow
2292_Restaurant in Telliskivi Creative C
2225_Windmills_Alar Lukmaa.jpg
170_Office_Tõnu Tunnel.jpg


We can provide an array of modern office spaces, private houses, theaters and venues, also ancient mid-evil courtyards, castles, manorhouses and remnants of soviet era factories that can be turned into extraordinary places. Our creative location unit will pick out accurate interiors for specific projects and our production designers will present opprotunities to make them look and feel the way the project requires. 



There’s a choice between brand new and modern industrial complexes near the capital and older, semi-abandoned gargantuan war factories along the the east and west coast. Some of the older complexes date back a hundred years preceeding the first republic to the beginning of the 1900-s. Admitance to the new complexes is possible if the right security conditions are met. The older industrial locations are again, quite welcoming.

2366_Muuga Harbour_Renee Altrov.jpg
2392_Seaplane Harbour_Andres Teiss.jpg
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